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Planning a wedding during a pandemic

I just got married to my partner in October 16th, we were one of the last wedding's to go ahead before lockdown 2.0 it was an emotional roller-coaster to say the least so I hope sharing our story helps all brides & grooms planning their big day during a pandemic

We set our date long before covid was a thing.. so we were soo excited and booked all our favourite wedding suppliers and we were enjoying all the planning then the first lockdown happened we were surrounded by questions from our families friends & guests "is the wedding going ahead" "what are you going to do" "will you cancel" we went around in circles trying to figure out our next action do we keep planning or do we move our date...

We said enough! were sticking to our guns! We are going to keep our date whatever happens happens and as long as we can say I do we don't care if its in a garden with our parent's. We planned the wedding as best we could leaving most stuff to the last minute as we didn't know how many people would be allowed, if there was going to be a reception or not... but we still planned we got in contact with all our suppliers and told them our plan.. we were getting married nothing was going to stop us including covid-19, we sent out our invites being realistic we only invited close family and friends and kept a second list of people we wanted to invite if the restrictions allowed we could invite closer the time ( people really did understand especially with the current circumstances)

No music! No dancing.. now when I first heard this I thought oh no!! any one who knows me I love a wee boogie and we all look forward to throwing shapes on the dance floor so this did panic me, we weren't allowed our donut van or hog roast ethier... bummer! I was so disappointed and felt abit defeated but we just said well we did say whatever we get is whatever we get and planned ahead cancelling our live music and band, Close by 11pm well we just brought the wedding forward from 2pm to 1pm giving us an extra hour and we were going to make the most of our time

The rest of the wedding planning was bitter sweet, sweet because who doesn't love planning a wedding, cake tasting, looking at pretty things and getting treated like a VIP was fab but always having that "will the wedding get cancelled" thought in the back of your head gave it abit of a bitterness but we worked through it trying to keep as positive as possible

Days before the wedding... New Restrictions! Well we thought we made it home safe until the announcement came "No more wedding reception & guest list down to 25" ohhh no! but wait its from Friday on.. the 16th? our date what does this mean. We ring our venue ( Orange Tree House) in a panic they reassured us & calmed us down saying our wedding would go ahead that day we let out a cheer then got down to business planning all the small details of the big day now we could finally feel excited only days before the wedding it finally felt like yes the wedding is definitely going ahead

The day before the wedding we packed the car and van and headed up with our flowers because of course we done our own! we landed outside the venue excited and ready to transform the place into the wedding we have been dreaming about the past year but unfortunately Jan & Gary had some bad news for us our wedding guests would have to leave after 6pm due to the restrictions coming into place but Jan and Gary rang to find if we were not having any evening guest arriving and we had gone through the risk assessment safely our guests could stay until 11pm as long as the bar closed at 8pm this was a huge win for us! We could finally let our hair down and enjoy creating beautiful arrangements for our wedding

In the end we had thee most beautiful day it was filled with love, laughter and we made so many memories with our families. We were allowed our guest list of 69, our donut van & hog roast was able to come set up outside the venue and Gaz the DJ set up a table quiz for our guests. We weren't allowed to dance but we could have our first dance, we decided well if we are only allowed one dance we are going to DANCE so we choose 'Whitney Houston I want to dance with somebody' & we danced like we were never going to dance again

My advice

Go for it! Stay true to you and your partner! Stay positive and don't give up hope whatever you decide have the wedding you want if that means changing your date or sticking to your original date no matter what it looks like! but enjoy every second of it as we did, in the end the other stuff doesn't matter we would of loved to hear our band and live entertainment & we couldn't invite all our friends but we made the most of everything we did have on our day & we can both say we had thee best day of our lives and wouldn't change a single thing about it

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